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Welcome to our review of the best muffin pans available in the market! Are you tired of unevenly cooked muffins or the hassle of transferring them from one pan to another? Look no further, as we bring you a comprehensive guide to help you find the perfect muffin pan for your kitchen.

The Top 10 Best Muffin Pans

  1. Handi-Foil Muffin Pan Set with 4 Pans and Lids — Bring convenience and deliciousness to your kitchen with the Handi-Foil Muffin Pan, featuring 4 aluminum pans, 4 lids, and 24 bake cups, perfect for homemade muffins, cupcakes, or quiches and easy clean-up with eco-friendly recycling options.
  2. Good Cook Mini 1–7/8 inch Muffin Pan — Indulge in fluffy, bite-sized muffins with the Good Cook 04029 Mini Non-Stick Muffin Pan, featuring a heavy-duty, easy-to-clean non-stick coating and perfect 1–7/8 inch diameter impressions.
  3. Anodized Aluminum 24-Cup Mini Muffin Pan for Perfect Bites — Craft bite-size desserts with ease using Fat Daddio’s anodized aluminum mini muffin pan, featuring 24 individual cavities for perfect portions, plus safer materials and fast heating and cooling times.
  4. G & S Metal Products Company 2-Piece Muffin Pan in Gray — Versatile and durable, the G & S Metal Products Company OvenStuff 2-Piece Muffin Pan Set is perfect for a range of baked treats, with easy cleanup thanks to its reinforced nonstick coating.
  5. Farberware 12-Cup Nonstick Muffin Pan with Easy Cleanup — Farberware’s 12-Cup Muffin Pan offers a nonstick, heavyweight carbon steel construction for quick and even heating, making it perfect for creating delicious, fluffy muffins and breakfast treats easily.
  6. Durable 12-Cup Muffin Pan Perfect for Baking Delights! — Experience hassle-free baking and delicious muffins every time with the high-quality Wilton 12-cup Standard Size Silver Muffin Pan.
  7. Cooking Concepts 6-Cup Tin Muffin Pans: Perfect for Bakeries and Home Kitchens — Bake perfect muffins and cupcakes every time with the Cooking Concepts 6-Cup Tin Muffin Pans, featuring a rust-resistant, stainless steel design for even heating and easy cleanup.
  8. Figmint 12ct Blue Silicone Muffin Pan — Discover the perfect blend of style and functionality with the Figmint 12-Count Silicone Muffin Pan in Blue, designed for effortless baking and convenient cleaning.
  9. NutriChef Black 24-Cup Muffin Pan — Perfect for Baking Delights — Craft delicious, mess-free muffins and cupcakes with the NutriChef 24 Cup Muffin Pan, a premium nonstick bakeware essential for hassle-free muffin making.
  10. Dishwasher Safe Silicone Muffin Pan with Reinforced Steel Rims — Experience the effortless joy of baking with Trudeau’s Confetti Silicone Muffin Pan, providing an even heat, dishwasher safe, and versatile cooking solution for scrumptious treats!

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Handi-Foil Muffin Pan Set with 4 Pans and Lids

Handi-Foil Muffin Pan Set with 4 Pans and Lids | Image

Make your baking experience a breeze with the Handi-foil Aluminum Muffin Pan Set. Featuring an ergonomic design, these 4 packs come with 4 aluminum muffin pans, 4 snap-on plastic lids, and 24 bake cups. Perfect for home-baked muffins, cupcakes, and individual-sized quiches, the aluminum pans ensure even heating and baking for perfect results every time.

The 6 muffin holes in each pan prove convenient for both large and small batches, while the Snap-on plastic lids make for easy cleanup and transportation of your baked goods. Moreover, the pack includes 24 paper baking cups to enhance the versatility of this baking set.

One standout feature is the Kosher certification from the Orthodox Union, ensuring peace of mind when preparing your beloved meals. Clean-up is a breeze with the handy dishwasher safe pans and easy eco-friendly recycling.

With the Handi-foil Aluminum Muffin Pan Set, say goodbye to the hassle of cleaning up messy pans and more time with your family and friends. Now available at an incredibly affordable price.

Good Cook Mini 1–7/8 inch Muffin Pan

Good Cook Mini 1-7/8 inch Muffin Pan | Image

I recently added the Good Cook Non-Stick Mini Muffin Pan to my baking arsenal, and I must say, it’s been a game-changer. With its heavy-duty, easy-to-clean non-stick coating, I no longer have to worry about batter sticking to the pan. The 12 mini round impressions, each with a 1–7/8-inch diameter, make it perfect for whipping up bite-sized muffins.

However, I did notice that it can be a bit tricky to clean up spills, as it’s quite compact. But overall, the Good Cook Non-Stick Mini Muffin Pan is a reliable and efficient addition to my kitchen, and it’s definitely earned a spot in my daily life.

Anodized Aluminum 24-Cup Mini Muffin Pan for Perfect Bites

Anodized Aluminum 24-Cup Mini Muffin Pan for Perfect Bites | Image

I recently had the chance to use Fat Daddio’s 24 Cup Mini Muffin Pan, and I have to say, it’s been a game-changer for my dessert-loving household. With its 24 individual cavities, we can whip up a batch of bite-sized treats without any hassle, perfect for those impromptu guests who always seem to show up just as the timer goes off.

One of my favorite aspects of this mini muffin pan is its unique anodized aluminum surface. It’s not only safer than natural aluminum, but it also ensures a lasting, durable baking surface that will never rust, chip, peel, or flake. A reinforced rolled rim adds strength and sturdiness to the pan, which came in handy when I accidentally dropped it the first time I used it (let’s just say my clumsiness has been greatly reduced).

As an added bonus, the mini muffin pan heats recipes faster due to its lack of extra metals, preventing overbaking and resulting in perfectly cooked mini treats every time. The efficient cooling times also mean we can move on to the fun stuff — decorating and enjoying our creations — sooner rather than later.

With the Fat Daddio’s 24 Cup Mini Muffin Pan, my family and I have enjoyed countless delicious memories, from birthday parties and holiday celebrations to everyday treats shared among friends and neighbors. It’s a versatile, easy-to-use tool in any baker’s arsenal, perfect for small batch baking. Highly recommended!

G & S Metal Products Company 2-Piece Muffin Pan in Gray

G & S Metal Products Company 2-Piece Muffin Pan in Gray | Image

The G & S Metal Products Company OvenStuff 2-Piece Muffin Pan Set is an excellent choice for those who love baking. With one 6-cup and one 12-cup muffin pan, this set is perfect for a half or full batch of cupcakes, muffins, and appetizers. The DuraGlide PLUS reinforced nonstick coating makes cleanup a breeze, while the quality steel construction ensures even heating and a beautiful golden finish every time.

The pans are Made in the USA with American and imported materials and are recommended for hand wash and towel dry. However, it’s essential to note that this product may contain a chemical known to cause cancer according to Proposition 65 in California.

Farberware 12-Cup Nonstick Muffin Pan with Easy Cleanup

Farberware 12-Cup Nonstick Muffin Pan with Easy Cleanup | Image

I recently tried the Farberware 12-Cup Muffin Pan and it exceeded my expectations. The non-stick coating made food release a breeze, and the heavyweight carbon steel construction heated quickly and evenly, ensuring cooked to perfection muffins every time. Plus, the versatility of using it for mini quiches or rolls added to its appeal.

Cleaning was a breeze and it’s oven safe up to 500°. However, I wish the product had been dishwasher safe and hand wash care instructions could have been simpler.

Overall, this muffin pan is a great addition to my kitchen.

Durable 12-Cup Muffin Pan Perfect for Baking Delights!

Durable 12-Cup Muffin Pan Perfect for Baking Delights! | Image

This 6 Pack of Celebrate It’s Muffin Pan is a game-changer for any dedicated baker. Crafted in a standard size with a sleek silver finish, it adds a touch of elegance to your kitchen while providing practical functionality.

The high-quality non-stick surface ensures smooth and effortless muffin extraction, saving you time and preventing any frustration during clean-up. With its durability and exceptional performance, this muffin pan is worth every penny and will quickly become an indispensable part of your baking arsenal.

Cooking Concepts 6-Cup Tin Muffin Pans: Perfect for Bakeries and Home Kitchens

Cooking Concepts 6-Cup Tin Muffin Pans: Perfect for Bakeries and Home Kitchens | Image

I recently stumbled upon a Cooking Concepts Muffin Pan, and it’s been a game-changer in my baking adventures. To say it simplifies muffin and cupcake baking is an understatement. Each muffin pan has a slick stainless steel surface that effortlessly slides food out, while remaining strong enough not to scratch or bend during use. It’s like having a stovetop companion that does all the dirty work for you!

Just like the Cooking Concepts Muffin Maker, this product offers a sleek and practical solution to daily baking needs. If you’re after perfectly even heating and delicious baked goods, this one’s the way to go. It’s a trusty helper in the kitchen, whether you’re whipping up treats for a bake sale or a family gathering.

Sure, it’s got its faults — I found it occasionally challenging to load these little cups, and sometimes they stick to the surface if not properly greased. But all things considered? It’s a pretty dependable little pan that takes the cake, or perhaps more accurately, the muffin when it comes to muffin baking.

Figmint 12ct Blue Silicone Muffin Pan

Figmint 12ct Blue Silicone Muffin Pan | Image

I recently got my hands on the Figmint 12-count Silicone Muffin Pan in a stunning blue hue. It’s been a game changer in my weekly baking routine, proving itself as a reliable, versatile, and easy-to-clean solution for all my muffin and cupcake needs.

One standout feature is the patented silicone and steel frame combo. Not only does it provide secure handling, but it also adds a touch of style to my kitchen. The nonstick, flexible silicone surface is just the cherry on top, making it a breeze to release my baked goods without any stubborn residue.

Another perk is its microwave, freezer, and dishwasher-safe capabilities. It’s become a staple in my household, and I’ve been happy to use it in a variety of everyday preparations. Whether I’m reheating, storing, or cleaning, it hasn’t let me down.

Of course, no product is without its drawbacks. I’ve noticed that the pan can sometimes lose its shape slightly after multiple uses, causing a few muffins to adopt a less than perfect form. It would be great if the manufacturer could address this issue in future iterations.

All in all, the Figmint 12-count Silicone Muffin Pan has quickly become a favorite in my kitchen. Its combination of style, versatility, and easy maintenance makes it a worthwhile addition to any baker’s collection.

NutriChef Black 24-Cup Muffin Pan — Perfect for Baking Delights

NutriChef Black 24-Cup Muffin Pan - Perfect for Baking Delights | Image

The NutriChef 24-Cup Muffin Pan offers a luxurious baking experience with its high-quality construction and nonstick coating. With 24 individual cups, it’s perfect for making a variety of sweet treats, like muffins and cupcakes. The nonstick coating ensures easy cleanup and helps avoid any sticky messes when removing your baked goods from the pan.

This muffin pan’s compact size and durable design make it a must-have for any home baker.

Dishwasher Safe Silicone Muffin Pan with Reinforced Steel Rims

Dishwasher Safe Silicone Muffin Pan with Reinforced Steel Rims | Image

The Trudeau Confetti Silicone Muffin Pan is a versatile and stylish addition to any kitchen. It comes equipped with a non-stick silicone outer layer and a robust interior steel structure, ensuring even heating and excellent food release every time. The pan is perfect for creating delicious muffins, cupcakes, or even mini quiches, and with its 12 wells, you can whip up a variety of treats without the hassle of greasing the pan.

The muffin pan is dishwasher safe and oven safe up to 220°C (428°F), making cleanup a breeze and allowing for easy meal prep without worrying about heat resistance. With its unique reinforced steel rim and dimensions of 10 inches in height, 14.5 inches in length, and 1.5 inches in width, this muffin pan is not only convenient but also a handsome addition to your kitchenware.

Buyer’s Guide

Welcome to our buyer’s guide for muffin pans, where we’ll help you make an informed decision on the best product for your baking needs. Muffin pans are essential kitchen tools that create delicious, individual-sized baked treats. In this guide, we’ll discuss important features, considerations, and general advice to ensure you find the perfect muffin pan for your culinary adventures.



The material of the muffin pan plays a significant role in its durability, heat distribution, and ease of use. Some common materials include aluminum, silicone, and steel. Aluminum pans are lightweight and conduct heat well, making them a popular choice. Silicone pans are flexible and non-stick, but they can be prone to warping. Steel pans offer durability but may be heavier and less heat conductive.


Muffin pans come in various sizes, typically ranging from 6 to 12 cups. The size you choose depends on the number of muffins you want to bake at once. Consider the number of people you’re baking for and the size of your oven when selecting the appropriate size for your needs. Keep in mind that smaller pans can distribute heat more evenly than larger ones.



Muffin pans can have standard or jumbo cups. Standard cups are 2 inches in diameter and can accommodate smaller portions. Jumbo cups are larger, typically 3 inches in diameter, and are ideal for bigger, more decadent muffins. Choose the shape based on your desired muffin size and personal preference.

Non-Stick Surface

A non-stick surface is a crucial feature for easy removal of muffins from the pan. Look for muffin pans with a non-stick coating or a silicone pan, which will make cleanup a breeze. Ensure the non-stick surface is PFOA-free and can withstand regular oven temperatures without flaking or peeling. Remember that some non-stick coatings may degrade over time or with heavy use, so it’s essential to care for your muffin pan.



What is a Muffin Pan and how is it used?

A muffin pan, also known as a cake pan or popover pan, is a type of baking pan designed with round cavities to make individual baked goods, such as muffins, cupcakes, or cakes. It is typically made of either silicone or heavy-duty aluminum and is commonly used in home baking and bakeries. The pan requires preheating before baking, and once filled with the desired muffin batter, it is placed in the oven to bake until they are risen and cooked through.

Muffin pans are versatile and can help in achieving uniformly sized baked goods. They can also be used for baking popovers or for creating a specialty dish called muffin-tops, which are the domed part of the muffin that protrudes above the edge of the pan. Using non-stick spray or a silicone pan can make cleaning easier and faster.


What is the difference between a muffin pan and a cupcake pan?

While both a muffin pan and a cupcake pan are similar in design, they serve different purposes and are used for different types of baked goods. A muffin pan, as the name suggests, is designed for making muffins which are typically round and often contain fruits, nuts, or chocolate chips. Cakes or cupcakes, on the other hand, are denser, richer, and have a smaller size than muffins. They are usually made with a leavener like baking powder or baking soda and are commonly used for celebrations or special occasions.

A cupcake pan features slightly larger cavities as compared to a muffin pan, holding approximately 2 ounces of batter per cup. This size difference contributes to the denser texture of the cupcake. Moreover, cupcake pans feature larger, flatter bases, which help the cupcake cook evenly from the bottom as well. The choice between a muffin pan and a cupcake pan depends on the desired outcome and the type of baked good you want to make.

What materials are muffin pans made of?

Muffin pans are typically made from heavy-duty aluminum or silicone, with each material offering its own set of benefits. Heavy-duty aluminum pans are sturdy and evenly distribute heat, which ensures even cooking of the muffins. However, they tend to be more expensive and can be more difficult to clean.

Silicone muffin pans, on the other hand, are lightweight and flexible. They provide the benefits of non-stick and can withstand high temperatures without warping. The downside to using a silicone muffin pan is that it doesn’t conduct heat as well as a metal pan, which may result in uneven or longer bake times. It is essential to choose a high-quality silicone pan to ensure the best results.


What sizes are muffin pans available?

Muffin pans can be found in various sizes, but the most common sizes available in the market are 6-cup and 12-cup pans. The size of the pan affects the amount of batter needed for each muffin and the time it will take to bake them. A larger pan will require less time to bake the muffins compared to a smaller pan. The size of the pan also determines the number of muffins that can be baked at once.

When choosing a muffin pan size, consider the amount of ingredients you wish to prepare and the baking time needed to bake the muffins to perfection. Smaller pans are ideal for those with less ingredients to spare, while larger pans are suitable for larger quantities or for entertaining guests who like to indulge in freshly baked muffins.

How do I maintain my muffin pan?

Muffin pans, especially those made of aluminum, can become sticky and difficult to clean if not looked after properly. To ensure a lasting muffin-pan life and ease in cleaning, it is essential to use a non-stick spray or a silicone muffin pan whenever possible. If using an aluminum pan, it is advisable to use cooking spray or a light coating of flour or oil to prevent the muffins from sticking to the surface.

Regular cleaning of the pan should be performed after each use. Use warm soapy water, a sponge, and a mild scouring pad to scrub any stubborn stains or baked-on muffin remnants. Avoid using abrasive cleaners, as they can damage the pan’s surface. If your pan loses its non-stick coating or deteriorates, it may be time to replace it.

What are some creative alternatives to using a muffin pan?

Creative alternatives to using a muffin pan include using mini-muffin or muffin-top pans, muffin cups, or even a standard cupcake or cake pan. These alternatives allow you to make smaller bite-sized portions or use a larger pan for baking a larger cake or muffin. Another alternative is using a silicone muffin-top or cupcake pan, which allows you to bake with ease without the need for a traditional muffin pan.

Innovative muffin pan accessories like silicone liners or baking cups can also be used to make the muffin-baking process even more convenient. These accessories help prevent the muffins from sticking to the pan and can make cleaning a breeze. Additionally, muffin pan dividers can be used to create muffins of various sizes, allowing for more customization in your baked goods.

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