Under Desk Foot Rests

Fernando Hill
11 min readJun 18, 2024


Are you tired of constantly feeling restless during long periods of sitting at your desk? A solution might be as simple as an under desk foot rest! In this article, we have compiled a selection of the best foot rests that fit neatly under your desk, offering comfort and support for your feet while you work. Say goodbye to restless legs and hello to a more relaxed workday. Dive in and discover your perfect match from our roundup of the top under desk foot rests.

The Top 6 Best Under Desk Foot Rests

  1. Comfilife Adjustable Memory Foam Footrest: Ultimate Ergonomic Pain Relief for Office and Home use — ComfiLife’s ergonomic under desk foot rest offers pain relief and ultimate comfort for office and gaming chair users, all while providing a versatile, machine-washable, and multi-purpose solution.
  2. HUANUO Adjustable Under Desk Footrest for Comfort and Massage — Enjoy ultimate relaxation and improve circulation with HUANUO’s adjustable under desk footrest, featuring 3 height positions, 30-degree tilt, and massaging textured surface for home and office use.
  3. Adjustable Massage Footrest with Removable Soft Pad and 4-Level Height Adjustment — Experience ultimate comfort with this adjustable footrest, featuring a removable soft pad and massaging beads, while supporting up to 120lbs on car, under desk, home, and train travels.
  4. Kolbs Ergonomic Under Desk Foot Rest — Experience ultimate comfort and ergonomic support with the Kölbs Office Foot Rest, featuring plush memory foam, soft velvet cover, and non-skid bottom for a truly luxurious under-desk foot solution.
  5. Adjustable Under-Desk Foot Rest with 4 Height Levels — The OShukang Adjustable Office Footrest offers a four-height level solution for footrest comfort and support in various applications, featuring a lightweight, foldable design and a massage surface for optimal ergonomic experience.
  6. Comfortable, Adjustable Under Desk Foot Rest for Home & Office Use — A comfortable and adjustable footrest for home or office use, featuring a walnut finish, black leather, and easy-to-move locking casters.

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Comfilife Adjustable Memory Foam Footrest: Ultimate Ergonomic Pain Relief for Office and Home use


Experience ultimate comfort at your desk with the ComfiLife Ergonomic Under Desk Foot Rest. This adjustable height memory foam foot stool is designed to reduce back and sciatica pain by easing pressure on your lower back and hips. Its larger size and high-quality memory foam make it perfect for supporting all foot sizes and providing plush comfort whether you’re wearing shoes or not.

The ComfiLife foot rest also offers versatility, serving not only as a foot rest but also as a knee support or rocker. Its lightweight construction allows for easy portability, making it suitable for use in the office, at home, or even when traveling with your laptop. The removable and machine washable cover ensures hassle-free maintenance, and the non-slip bottom provides stability, preventing movement while in use.

With a 4.9-star rating based on 17 reviews, the ComfiLife Ergonomic Under Desk Foot Rest is praised for its comfort and ability to relieve pain. Consumers appreciate its ergonomic design, adjustable height, and high-density memory foam, as well as its versatility and portability. The product’s plastic frame and cover are practical and durable, ensuring long-lasting use and support for your legs and feet.

HUANUO Adjustable Under Desk Footrest for Comfort and Massage


Elevate your comfort and reduce physical stress with the HUANUO Adjustable Under Desk Footrest. This multi-position design features adjustable height settings and a 30-degree tilt angle, allowing you to find the perfect position for your feet while working or relaxing. The textured surface, complete with massaging bumps, offers enhanced stress reduction and improved circulation.

Additionally, featuring flat design for easy storage and a non-slip base for stability, this footrest will become your go-to ergonomic accessory at both work and home.

Adjustable Massage Footrest with Removable Soft Pad and 4-Level Height Adjustment


The Adjustable Footrest with Removable Soft Foot Rest Pad is a versatile and sturdy option for those seeking comfort while sitting. Its remarkable max-load capacity of 120 pounds sets it apart from other footrests on the market, thanks to its durable materials of high-quality ABS and metal. With 4-level height adjustment, this footrest can be used under desks, in cars, at home, on trains, and more. Its multifunctional nature means it can also function as a car footrest and a temporary maintenance cushion.

The product is both portable and easy to use, as it doesn’t require installation and features a lightweight design. However, when sitting on the stool, users should be mindful not to sit on the edge of the panel, as the max load weight should not exceed 120 pounds. This innovative footrest’s mini-sized dimensions of 32 x 32 x 6 cm (12.6 x 12.6 x 2.36 inches) and its lightweight 5.9 lbs (2.65 kg) make it a convenient companion for various settings.

Kolbs Ergonomic Under Desk Foot Rest


I’ve been using the Kolbs Office Foot Rest for a while now, and let me tell you, it’s been a game-changer! I often find myself spending hours on end at my desk, whether it’s for work or personal projects. After a while, sitting for such long periods can start to take a toll on my body — back pain, leg cramps, poor posture, you name it.

The Kolbs Foot Rest really came to my rescue with its innovative teardrop design. It provides a comfortable cradle for my feet, allowing me to sit with better posture. The extra-large footrest deck offers plenty of room for my feet to settle in, and the gentle slope ensures that I can find the perfect position for my legs.

One of the standout features of this footrest is the memory foam upper layer. It provides a soft and comforting feel, with just the right amount of firmness to support my feet. The medical-grade foam core adds an extra layer of durability, ensuring that my footrest stands up to daily use.

Now, let’s talk about the plush velvet jacquard cover. It wraps around the footrest like a cozy blanket, providing a luxurious and comfortable feel for my feet. Plus, it’s removable, so I can easily clean it when it needs a good wash.

I also appreciate the non-skid bottom, which keeps the footrest firmly in place, preventing any unwanted slipping or shifting. It’s a small detail, but it definitely adds to the overall comfort and stability of the footrest.

Of course, no product is perfect, and I’ve noticed that the Kolbs Office Foot Rest can be rather challenging to maneuver under the desk. But that’s a minor inconvenience compared to the overall comfort and support it provides.

In conclusion, the Kolbs Office Foot Rest has become an essential part of my daily routine. Its unique design, plush cover, and supportive memory foam make it an excellent choice for those looking to find relief from the discomfort of long hours sitting at a desk.

Adjustable Under-Desk Foot Rest with 4 Height Levels


Introducing the OShuKang Adjustable Office Footrest, a sleek and versatile solution for improving your comfort while working. With a unique design inspired by people looking to enhance their quality of life, this footrest can be used not only in office settings but also under desks, during long waits, and in various other applications. Its innovative ergonomic design boasts a simple operation, folding for easy carrying when you’re on the go.

One of the standout features of this footrest is the ability to adjust its angles, ensuring maximum comfort and customization. Its textured massage surface also plays a role in pampering your feet, providing an added touch of luxury. Made from durable materials, the plastic part uses a high-quality PE material and blow molding process, ensuring both strength and lightness. The metal part, made from color steel plate and cold forming stamping, is beautiful and strong, capable of withstanding a maximum load of 120 pounds, an unprecedented strength compared to other products in its class.

For added convenience, this footrest can be folded to a mini size of 32 x 32 x 6cm, making it easy to carry around and store when not in use. Its lightweight nature, weighing only 5.9 pounds, makes it an easy choice for anyone looking to enhance their comfort at work. With a simple video tutorial available to guide you through the adjustment process, this footrest is an excellent investment for those seeking to improve the quality of their office life. Available in a practical black color, this adjustable footrest is a must-have accessory to ensure you’re as comfortable as possible. Don’t forget to follow the weight recommendations and stay in your optimal comfort zone!

Comfortable, Adjustable Under Desk Foot Rest for Home & Office Use


I had the chance to use the Footrest Foldaway Elevated Foot Stool Under Desk during long work days at my desk. It was a game-changer for my legs and feet, providing the perfect level of comfort. I loved how it was easy to adjust the height, making it perfect for every situation.

What stood out to me was the soft, warm fleece cover which provides a luxurious feeling to my tired feet. However, one downside I noticed was the durability of the product. It would be great if it were made of a more sturdy material, as some users mentioned that the wood split after a while.

In addition, I did find it relatively simple to assemble, just like the instructions suggested. The locking casters made it easy to move the stool around and store it when not in use.

Overall, the Footrest Foldaway Elevated Foot Stool Under Desk offered me a comfortable experience, but I would encourage the manufacturer to improve the sturdiness and durability of the product for better results.

Buyer’s Guide

Under desk footrests have become increasingly popular as people spend more time at their desks or working from home. These foot pedals are designed to provide comfort and support for your feet while seated, reducing fatigue and improving circulation. Here is a comprehensive buyer’s guide to help you choose the best under desk footrest for your needs.

Important Features to Consider

When shopping for an under desk footrest, consider the following essential features to ensure it meets your requirements and provides optimal comfort and convenience. These features include design, materials, adjustability, stability, and portability. Each of these factors plays a crucial role in determining the overall performance, durability, and ease of use of the footrest.

Design and Materials

The design of the footrest should be ergonomic, promoting proper foot positioning and alleviating pressure points. Additionally, it should be made of a comfortable and durable material, such as foam or gel, that conforms to the shape of your feet. This will ensure the footrest can support your feet effectively and last for a long time.


A footrest with adjustable settings is essential to accommodate different foot sizes and preferences. Look for a model with adjustable angles or height settings, allowing you to customize the footrest to your specific needs. This will help you achieve optimal comfort and support while seated for extended periods.

Stability and Portability

The footrest should be stable and secure when in use, so it doesn’t wobble or shift under your feet. Look for models with non-slip surfaces or rubber feet, ensuring a strong grip on the ground. At the same time, the footrest should be easily portable, allowing you to move it between rooms or store it away when not in use.


What is the role of an under desk footrest?

An under desk footrest is designed to offer comfort and support for individuals who spend extended periods at a desk or working on a computer. Its purpose is to alleviate pressure on the back, legs, and feet and promote good posture, thereby minimizing the risk of health issues like varicose veins, circulation issues, and even sciatica.

Furthermore, under desk footrests can enhance blood circulation, reduce fatigue, and increase overall comfort during long stints at a desk. They may also contribute to increased focus and productivity by allowing a more natural and comfortable body positioning while working or studying at a desk.

How do I select the ideal under desk footrest for my needs?

When choosing an under desk footrest, consider factors like its shape, size, and construction materials. A well-padded footrest may be more comfortable for extended use, while thinner designs might provide better stability and support for your legs. Some footrests come with adjustable angles to cater to different body types and preferences, while others offer a fixed angle.

Look for footrests that are compatible with your desk or work environment, ensuring they support and accommodate your height and weight comfortably. Lastly, consider the aesthetics of the footrest if you prefer a minimalist or discreet option that blends in with the rest of your workspace.

Can under desk footrests be adjusted?

Yes, many under desk footrests feature adjustable angles to accommodate various body shapes and preferences. This feature allows users to find the perfect angle for optimal support and comfort while seated at their desk. Look for footrests with a wide range of adjustability, such as from 0 to 90 degrees or more.

Some footrests also offer adjustable height, enabling users to fine-tune the position based on their leg length and preference. Check the product specifications or consult with the manufacturer to determine the adjustability options available for a particular footrest model you are interested in purchasing.

Is an under desk footrest necessary?

While an under desk footrest is not mandatory for everyone, it can be beneficial for individuals who experience discomfort, fatigue, or other health issues related to prolonged sitting. Many users who incorporate an under desk footrest into their routine notice improvements in their posture, circulation, and overall comfort while working or studying. A footrest can also contribute to better focus and productivity by aiding in maintaining a more natural and relaxed sitting position.

Ultimately, whether an under desk footrest is necessary for you depends on your personal requirements, preferences, and the amount of time spent sitting at a desk each day. Consider your individual circumstances and health concerns when deciding if a footrest could enhance your work or study routine.

What materials are under desk footrests made of?

Under desk footrests are typically constructed from materials that provide support, durability, and easy cleaning. Common materials include foam, memory foam, and polyurethane foam, which offer cushioning and support for your feet while seated. Some footrests may also feature reinforced stitching or bonded seams for increased durability.

Additionally, under desk footrests may be crafted from materials such as ABS plastic or PVC, which are lightweight, waterproof, and simple to clean. Look for footrests made from materials that align with your personal preferences for comfort and ease of maintenance, as well as any safety or health concerns you may have.

How long do under desk footrests usually last?

The lifespan of an under desk footrest depends on construction quality, frequency and duration of use, and maintenance of the product. High-quality footrests made from durable materials, like sturdy foam or reinforced bonded seams, can provide long-lasting support. Regular cleaning and proper storage help extend the product’s life.

Under desk footrests typically last several years with proper care and use, although this can vary depending on the specific model and individual circumstances. To ensure the best possible experience with your new footrest, consider purchasing from a reputable supplier and follow the manufacturer’s care instructions to help extend its lifespan.

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