Uppababy Travel Strollers

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Introducing the Uppababy Travel Stroller, a perfect companion for parents on-the-go. In this article, we’ll be taking a closer look at the features, benefits, and overall performance of this versatile travel stroller that promises to make your journey with your little one a breeze.

The Top 6 Best Uppababy Travel Strollers

  1. Uppa Baby Minu V2 Award-Winning Compact Stroller — Explore effortlessly with the UPPAbaby Minu V2 Stroller — compact, lightweight, and perfect for modern parents on the go!
  2. UPPAbaby Cruz V2: Stylish, Versatile Stroller for Parents on the Go — UPPAbaby Cruz V2 Stroller — Gregory: Lightweight, versatile, and comfortable, this stroller adapts to your needs and offers smooth handling over any terrain.
  3. UPPAbaby Vista V2 Stroller in Greyson: Smooth Ride and Comfort for Growing Babies — Experience a smooth ride and optimal comfort with the UPPAbaby Vista V2 Stroller, featuring a higher back, deeper footrest, and sliding shoulder harness for growing children.
  4. UPPAbaby Noa Vista V2 Baby Stroller — Full-Size Adjustable — Experience the UPPAbaby Noa Vista V2 Full-Size Adjustable Infant Baby Stroller designed for newborns and toddlers alike, garnering impressive 1208 reviews and a remarkable 4.9-star rating.
  5. UPPAbaby Vista V2 Stroller in Anthony Design — Experience hassle-free strolling with the UPPAbaby Vista V2, featuring a comfortable ride, easy maneuverability, and convenient storage design for families of all sizes.
  6. Versatile Uppababy Vista V2 Stroller with Bassinet and Toddler Seat — The UPPAbaby — Vista V2 Stroller comes with a highly versatile and intuitive design for both small and growing families, boasting a cozy Toddler Seat that includes a deep footrest along with a sliding shoulder adjustment to guarantee a perfect fit.

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Uppa Baby Minu V2 Award-Winning Compact Stroller


Say hello to the award-winning UPPAbaby Minu V2 Stroller — perfect for modern parents on-the-go. With its sleek design and minimal fuss, this compact stroller has a one-handed folding system, making it a breeze to store and transport. The Minu V2 features a 5-point adjustable safety harness and multi-recline position for your little one’s comfort.

Enjoy convenience, durability, and smooth rides on every adventure with this stylish and practical stroller.

UPPAbaby Cruz V2: Stylish, Versatile Stroller for Parents on the Go


Experience a smoother journey with the UPPAbaby Cruz V2 Stroller in Gregory. This lightweight, easy-to-fold stroller is perfect for cruising wherever you go. The robust suspension ensures a smooth ride on uneven terrain while the one-step, standing fold makes it convenient to use. It features a reversible seat, height-adjustable canopy, near-flat recline, and ample storage space. Enhance the stroller’s versatility by adding a bassinet, infant car seat, or a glider board to cater to your growing child’s needs.

The 2020 version of Cruz V2 comes with a smaller folded size, larger wheels with enhanced suspension, a roomier Toddler Seat, all-wheel suspension for improved maneuverability, a larger storage basket, a redesigned sun canopy with zip-out fabric and integrated mesh panels, and no-rethread harness for easier height adjustments. While some users may find the stroller and car seat heavy, overall, the UPPAbaby Cruz V2 in Gregory is a highly regarded, capable choice for parents and caregivers alike.

UPPAbaby Vista V2 Stroller in Greyson: Smooth Ride and Comfort for Growing Babies


The UPPAbaby Vista V2 stroller offers a smooth, comfortable ride for growing children. Its innovative design comprises a higher back and deeper foot rest on the toddler seat, making it ideal for infants and toddlers. The stroller’s harness system is adjustable in one motion, accommodating any growing baby. The Vista V2 is also compatible with MESA Infant Car seat for parents needing a performance travel system.

The stroller’s sleek and elegant design, combined with its high-quality build, gives it a luxurious feel. Users appreciate its large storage basket, which accommodates all essentials for the parents and baby without sacrificing its aesthetics. The stroller is also easy to install and take apart, with one-handed reclines. Adjustable footrest support and a telescopic handlebar ensure a comfortable ride for both the baby and the parent.

Consisting of a classic and timeless color, the Vista V2 stroller delivers a modern, high-end appearance. Its compatibility with car seats, along with its conversion options, makes it suitable for travel and long-lasting, catering to various requirements for growing families. However, the high price tag may deter potential buyers, and its bulkiness might make storage challenging.

UPPAbaby Noa Vista V2 Baby Stroller — Full-Size Adjustable


The UPPAbaby Noa Vista V2 is a full-size adjustable stroller perfect for new families or those still growing. With features such as a Bassinet for mobility with newborns and an additional Toddler Seat when your little one is ready for another transition, this stroller will be there for you and your family from the beginning to the end.

The stroller’s intuitive and versatile design, combined with its high-quality build, ensures a smooth ride and a comfortable experience for both you and your child. The stroller also boasts convenient storage design, easy maneuverability, and comfortable handling.

Additionally, the stroller comes with a basinet that is sleep safe for baby, making it an excellent choice for those looking for the best in both style and functionality.

UPPAbaby Vista V2 Stroller in Anthony Design


I recently started using the UPPAbaby Vista V2 stroller, and it’s quickly become a game-changer in my daily life as a mum. The stroller’s adaptability is one of its standout features — whether I’m out running errands with just my baby, or taking my toddler and a newborn for a walk, this stroller can be transformed to suit our needs.

One of the things that I truly appreciate is the stroller’s robust suspension, which provides a smooth handling over uneven terrain. This is especially handy when we’re out and about exploring our city. The one-step, standing fold also makes it incredibly easy to store, as I can simply unfold it and park it in the car with minimal effort.

The Vista V2 features a reversible seat, which allows my baby to face me or look out, depending on their mood. The height-adjustable canopy comes in handy when I’m out in the sun, and the near-flat recline provides a comfortable ride for my baby. The storage compartment underneath is spacious and comes in handy when we’re out and about.

However, the weight of the stroller can be a bit of a challenge for me, considering I’m quite petite. But overall, I find the UPPAbaby Vista V2 stroller to be an excellent investment for any mum, offering convenience, ease of use, and a comfortable ride for both the parent and the baby.

Versatile Uppababy Vista V2 Stroller with Bassinet and Toddler Seat


The UPPAbaby Vista V2 stroller is a dream for many parents who appreciate style and functionality. As a new parent, using this stroller has been a wonderful experience. The Vista V2 is designed to provide comfort and support for babies from birth to toddlerhood, and it doesn’t disappoint.

One of the most significant aspects I appreciate about this stroller is its adaptability. The Vista V2 can be used as a single stroller or a double stroller, making it perfect for families who plan to have more children or for those who want to share the stroller duties with another family. This feature sets it apart from other strollers and is a major selling point for many parents.

The sliding shoulder adjustment makes it easy to tighten or loosen the harness system, ensuring a proper fit for growing babies. Additionally, the higher back and deeper footrest in the toddler seat offer added comfort for growing children. These features make the Vista V2 stroller stand out and demonstrate that UPPAbaby has thoughtfully designed this product with the needs of parents and growing children in mind.

One potential drawback I’ve noticed is the size of the stroller. It’s relatively large compared to other strollers on the market, which may not be ideal for parents who need to navigate tight spaces or public transportation frequently. However, the quality and functionality of the Vista V2 seem to outweigh this minor inconvenience for most users.

Overall, the UPPAbaby Vista V2 stroller is a high-quality, versatile, and stylish option for parents. Its adaptability, comfort features, and high-quality materials make it a top choice for many families, despite its larger size.

Buyer’s Guide

Welcome to our comprehensive buyer’s guide on Uppababy travel strollers! This guide is here to help you make an informed decision when choosing the perfect travel stroller for your needs. Our focus will be on general features, considerations, and advice for the product category, without mentioning specific product picks or external resources.

Important Features of Uppababy Travel Strollers

Uppababy travel strollers are known for their high-quality craftsmanship, durability, and versatility. Some of the essential features to look for when purchasing a Uppababy travel stroller include foldability, lightweight design, maneuverability, and adaptability for varying terrains. Look for strollers with easy-to-fold mechanisms, so you can quickly store them in tight spaces during travel.

Considerations Before Buying a Uppababy Travel Stroller

Before making a purchase, think about your family’s needs and lifestyle. Do you travel frequently? What type of terrain will you be navigating? Do you plan on using the stroller for shopping trips or just for travel? Consider the weight capacity, braking system, and suspension system, as these will all affect the stroller’s performance and comfort across various surfaces. It’s also essential to look for strollers with comfortable seats and large canopies that will shield your child from the sun or rain.

General Advice for Choosing a Uppababy Travel Stroller

When purchasing a Uppababy travel stroller, consider the brand’s reputation, reviews, and warranties. Look for retailers that offer a comprehensive return policy, as you might want to exchange the stroller or get a refund if it’s not suitable for your needs. Lastly, invest in accessories designed for your stroller to maximize its functionality and convenience.

We hope this buyer’s guide has provided you with valuable information to make an informed decision when choosing the perfect Uppababy travel stroller for your family. Remember to consider the essential features, your specific needs and lifestyle, and expert advice to get the best travel stroller for your kid. Happy shopping!


What makes the Uppababy Travel Stroller a good choice for parents?

The Uppababy Travel Stroller offers several key benefits for parents. It is lightweight, making it easy to maneuver and carry around. Additionally, the stroller is highly portable, designed for convenience in a variety of environments. Its durability also ensures that it will last for years, providing a long-term solution for parents’ strolling needs.

One of the most important features of the Uppababy Travel Stroller is its adjustability. Parents can easily adjust the stroller’s handlebar height to accommodate their needs. Furthermore, the stroller can also be transformed into a car seat carrier, making it a versatile option for transportation purposes. Finally, it’s a safe and comfortable option for both the parent and the child, with a ventilated seat canopy that shields from harsh weather and a reclining seat for naps on the go.

What materials are used to make the Uppababy Travel Stroller?

The Uppababy Travel Stroller is made of high-quality materials that ensure durability and safety. Its frame is made of a lightweight aluminum alloy, which makes it strong and sturdy while keeping the overall weight to a minimum. The stroller features a padded seat and a ventilated canopy, which are made of materials that are both comfortable and breathable. As for the wheels, they are made of polyurethane, providing excellent shock absorption and durability.

The materials used in the Uppababy Travel Stroller are rigorously tested to meet or exceed international safety standards. It’s designed to withstand various weather conditions, including rain, wind, and intense sunshine. The stroller’s attention to detail is evident in its design, ensuring that parents and their little ones remain comfortable and safe during their strolling adventures.

How does the Uppababy Travel Stroller compare to other strollers in its price range?

The Uppababy Travel Stroller distinguishes itself from other strollers in its price range with its superior build quality, safety features, and versatility. It is lightweight and highly portable, making it an excellent choice for parents who require a stroller that’s easy to travel with. Its adjustable handlebar height and transformable design also add to its convenience, making it a versatile option for different scenarios.

Furthermore, the stroller boasts a comfortable and safe riding experience for the child, with a ventilated canopy for protection from harsh weather and a reclining seat that supports napping on the go. Lastly, the Uppababy Travel Stroller comes with a car seat carrier, which is a feature that is typically found in more expensive models. Overall, the stroller provides excellent value for its price range, making it a popular choice among parents looking for a reliable and versatile stroller solution.

How easy is it to fold the Uppababy Travel Stroller for storage and transportation?

The Uppababy Travel Stroller is designed with ease of use in mind, making it effortless to fold for storage and transportation. The procedure involves simply pulling the red safety strap, which will automatically fold the stroller. The folded dimensions of the stroller are relatively compact, measuring 38.5 inches in length, 20 inches in width, and 13.5 inches in height.

Once the stroller is folded, it can be locked securely for storage or transportation using the Velcro strap provided. This makes it easy to take your stroller with you wherever you go, ensuring that you always have a reliable and convenient solution for strolling with your little one. The foldability of the stroller also adds to its portability, making it a great option for parents who travel frequently or require a stroller that can be easily stored in a small space.

Are there any accessories available for the Uppababy Travel Stroller?

Yes, the Uppababy Travel Stroller comes with a range of accessories that can enhance your strolling experience. Some of the most popular accessories include a bassinet, which transforms the stroller into a travel system for newborns, a car seat carrier, a cup holder, and a footmuff for extra warmth during colder weather. These accessories are designed to cater to a variety of needs and preferences, allowing you to customize your strolling experience according to your specific requirements.

In addition to these accessories, Uppababy also offers a range of color options and limited edition collections for their strollers, including the Uppababy Vista Stroller, the Uppababy Cruz Stroller, and the Uppababy G-LUXE Stroller. These collections provide an opportunity for parents to choose a stroller that not only meets their practical needs but also reflects their personal style.

Does the Uppababy Travel Stroller come with a warranty?

Yes, the Uppababy Travel Stroller comes with a comprehensive warranty program. The stroller has a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty, covering any defects in materials or workmanship. The warranty also covers the stroller’s canopy, seat, and wheels, providing peace of mind to parents who choose this stroller for their little ones.

In the event that your stroller requires repair or replacement under the warranty, Uppababy offers a hassle-free process to address these concerns. Parents can either contact Uppababy’s customer service department or visit their nearest retailer to initiate the warranty repair process. This commitment to customer satisfaction makes the Uppababy Travel Stroller a reliable and trusted option for parents seeking a high-quality, durable, and safe strolling solution.

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