Underwater Metal Detectors

Fernando Hill
10 min readJun 18, 2024


Dive into the world of treasure hunting under the sea with our roundup of the best underwater metal detectors! Discover the top picks in this comprehensive guide that caters to both seasoned and new treasure hunters alike, ensuring a fun and fulfilling experience for all.

The Top 6 Best Underwater Metal Detectors

  1. Quest Scuba Tector Underwater Metal Detector with LED Flashlight — Dive into holiday fun with the Quest Scuba Tector, a 4.2-rated underwater metal detector that excels in challenging conditions, with easy-to-use features and a durable design for snorkeling and diving expeditions.
  2. Supereye Underwater Treasure Hunter Detector — Explore the depths with the SuperEye MD6026 Underwater Metal Detector, providing a 40-meter waterproof reach and user-friendly operations, perfect for treasure hunting in seas and oceans.
  3. Waterproof Underwater Metal Detector for Coins and Treasures — Unlock the secrets of hidden treasures with the Allsun TS20B Waterproof Underwater Metal Detector, specifically designed for exhilarating beach, yard, and ground hunting expeditions.
  4. Vevor Waterproof Metal Detector: High Accuracy Disc Discovery for Adults & Kids — Experience professional treasure hunting with VEVOR’s Waterproof Metal Detector, featuring two detection modes, accurate LCD display, and a practical shovel and headphone for added convenience.
  5. Nokta Simplex Lite Portable Metal Detector — Experience exceptional metal detecting with the Nokta Simplex LITE, a lightweight, waterproof handheld detector that offers superior performance and ease of use for both novice and expert hunters.
  6. Durable Weatherproof Metal Detector for Underwater Treasure Hunting — Unlock hidden treasures with the Fisher F22 Weatherproof Metal Detector, built for underwater adventures, designed to perform well, and easy to use for both beginners and expert hunters.

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Quest Scuba Tector Underwater Metal Detector with LED Flashlight


Dive into the depths with the Quest Scuba Tector Underwater Metal Detector, an excellent companion for all your underwater adventures. This durable, pressure-resistant device can withstand up to 60 meters of fresh or saltwater and stay completely waterproof. Its 95 kHz search frequency makes it highly sensitive, even detecting the tiniest pieces of jewelry.

The Quest Scuba Tector comes with a range of features that will make your search for hidden treasures more accessible. The built-in 3.7V 500mAh Li-Poly Battery offers long-lasting performance, while the 5'′x4'′/13x10cm mono coil provides a significant detection area. This lightweight and compact metal detector can even detect small objects in the deepest waters with ease.

While some customers have faced occasional issues regarding the device’s performance and calibration, the majority of users have praised its reliability, ease of use, and overall value. The Quest Scuba Tector is a great choice for anyone looking for a dependable and versatile underwater metal detector, perfect for beachcombing, snorkeling, or diving. With the Quest Scuba Tector, you’ll have hours of fun searching for hidden treasures in a variety of underwater environments.

Supereye Underwater Treasure Hunter Detector


The Supereye Underwater Metal Detector, now dubbed the SuperEye MD6026, was an interesting find during my recent treasure hunt trip to the beach. It claims to work up to 40 meters underwater with its waterproof headphones, and I must say it did offer a unique experience. The compact design made it a breeze to carry around, and operating the device was as simple as pressing a button.

However, one feature that didn’t quite work as advertised was its ability to ignore small metal pieces while looking for larger ones. I quickly realized that the device would pick up anything and everything, causing too many false alarms. Despite this minor setback, the SuperEye MD6026 proved to be a fun addition to my underwater adventures, and it certainly has potential for those looking to explore the depths of the sea in search of hidden treasures.

Waterproof Underwater Metal Detector for Coins and Treasures


Looking for an exciting and educational outdoor adventure? Look no further than the allsun TS20B Waterproof Metal Detector!

This junior beginner metal detector is perfect for those just starting out in their treasure hunting journey. With its adjustable length and waterproof coil, you can take it anywhere, rain or shine, and search for hidden treasures in the great outdoors.

The LCD display lets you easily find everything from larger objects to smaller coins, and the adjustable height ensures comfortable use for all ages. The allsun TS20B Metal Detector makes a fantastic gift for birthdays, holidays, or simply for your little explorer at home. Use it to find missing or lost coins, jewelry, and other metal objects, or turn it into a fun and engaging science project.

So what are you waiting for? Start your treasure hunting adventure today with the allsun TS20B Waterproof Metal Detector!

Vevor Waterproof Metal Detector: High Accuracy Disc Discovery for Adults & Kids


This versatile metal detector is perfect for both adults and children, with a waterproof design that can be used in various water bodies. Equipped with powerful LCD screen and humanized design, it lets you detect and choose the desired objects with ease.

Along with its lightweight build, adjustable stem, and included headphone and shovel, this metal detector offers a range of practical features for an enjoyable treasure hunting experience.

Nokta Simplex Lite Portable Metal Detector


The Nokta Simplex Lite Metal Detector quickly became a favorite of mine in my treasure hunting endeavors. The lightweight design, weighing just 1.2kg, made it a breeze to carry around for long periods of time. Its ergonomic design also made it comfortable to hold and use for hours on end.

One highlight that stood out to me was its comprehensive features and its waterproof capability up to 5 meters, which allowed me to explore various terrains and environments. The Simplex Lite excelled in uncovering coins, gold jewelry, and hidden treasures on both inland and beachfront sites.

The detection performance and level of detail were impressive, especially for a beginner like me. It was easy to set up and use, with a clear display and various search modes. The adjustable sensitivity settings and automatic or manual ground balance options also helped me fine-tune my search for specific targets.

However, one feature that could use improvement is its battery life, which was a bit shorter than I expected. Additionally, the single-tone sound might not be the most helpful for identifying various targets, but overall, it was sufficient for my needs.

My experience using the Nokta Simplex Lite Metal Detector was enjoyable, and I appreciated its durability and exceptional value. It’s definitely a reliable and versatile detector for both novice and experienced treasure hunters alike.

Durable Weatherproof Metal Detector for Underwater Treasure Hunting


I recently gave the Fisher F22 Metal Detector a whirl, and let me tell you, it’s a real game changer. I was particularly impressed by its sturdy design; it can handle almost any environment and it’s light enough to swing around for hours without feeling like a burden.

One of the features that really stood out to me was the Fe-Tone adjustable iron audio. It allowed me to set the volume of ferrous targets lower than the volume of non-ferrous targets, which really allowed me to focus more on the valuable items I was searching for.

But there’s also the visual appeal of this little guy to consider. I absolutely love the 9-segment visual and numerical target identification system. It makes it easier for me to differentiate between the types of treasures I might come across, so I’m not digging up random junk all the time.

On the other hand, I found the sensitivity to be a bit too high, which sometimes resulted in false positives. And honestly? I don’t think this little guy is going to turn me into the next Indiana Jones anytime soon, but for the novice hunter, it’s not a bad place to start.

Buyer’s Guide

An underwater metal detector is a valuable tool for anyone interested in treasure hunting, diving, or even beachcombing. These devices help you locate metal objects submerged in water, such as coins, jewelry, and other valuable items. However, with so many options available, it can be challenging to know which one is right for you. In this buyer’s guide, we will discuss the crucial features, considerations, and general advice for selecting the perfect underwater metal detector.

Features to Consider

Before purchasing an underwater metal detector, it’s essential to consider several key features. These include:

  1. Depth Capability, 2. Discrimination, 3. Waterproofing, 4. Ease of Use, and 5. Battery Life. Let’s delve into each of these factors in detail to help you make an informed decision when choosing your metal detector.

Depth Capability

Underwater metal detectors vary in their depth capability, which refers to the maximum depth at which they can effectively detect targets. If you plan on diving in deep waters, you’ll need a device with a greater depth capacity. Look for metal detectors with a depth rating of at least 100 feet or more for optimal performance in deeper waters. For beachcombing or shallow waters, a lower depth rating will suffice.


Discrimination is a feature that allows you to differentiate between valuable targets and unwanted junk. This is especially important when searching for specific types of items, such as coins or jewelry, while ignoring unwanted metals like aluminum cans. Higher-end metal detectors typically offer better discrimination abilities, so consider this factor when selecting your device.


Since underwater metal detectors will be exposed to water, it’s crucial that they are waterproof. Make sure the device you choose has an appropriate waterproof rating (usually IP68 or similar) to protect it from water damage. Additionally, consider the waterproofing of the control box and other components, as this will also impact the overall durability and performance of your metal detector.


What is an underwater metal detector?

An underwater metal detector is a device used to locate and identify metal objects submerged in water. These devices are typically designed to operate in a variety of underwater environments, such as freshwater lakes, rivers, and oceans, as well as saltwater environments like the beach and ocean floor.

Underwater metal detectors use technology similar to land-based metal detectors, such as ground penetrating radar (GPR) and electromagnetic fields, to detect metal objects. However, underwater metal detectors often have specialized features, such as waterproof housing, buoyancy control, and specialized search coils, to make them more effective in aquatic settings.

How does an underwater metal detector work?

Underwater metal detectors work using a combination of technologies to detect and identify metal objects submerged in water. One of the most common methods is the use of electromagnetic fields, which can interact with metal objects to create a signal that the detector can detect and analyze. This signal can provide information about the type of metal, size, and depth of the object.

Other technologies used in underwater metal detectors include ground penetrating radar (GPR), which uses radar waves to create a map of the submerged environment and identify objects based on their physical properties, and sonar technology, which uses sound waves to locate and identify objects in the water column.

What are the benefits of using an underwater metal detector?

Underwater metal detectors offer a variety of benefits to users, including the ability to locate and identify valuable or historical metal objects that may be hidden beneath the surface of the water. They can also be used for hobbyist activities such as underwater treasure hunting and as a tool for environmental and scientific research.

Additionally, underwater metal detectors can be used by professionals, such as archaeologists, to help uncover and protect cultural artifacts and historical sites. This can provide valuable insights into the history and cultural heritage of a region, and help to preserve it for future generations to enjoy.

What type of metal objects can an underwater metal detector detect?

Underwater metal detectors can detect a wide variety of metal objects, including coins, jewelry, relics, and even large objects like shipwrecks and underwater structures. The specific objects that can be detected will depend on a number of factors, such as the size and depth of the object, the type of metal it is made of, and the sensitivity and capabilities of the detector.

Generally, underwater metal detectors can detect most common types of metal objects, such as ferrous and non-ferrous metals like gold, silver, copper, and brass. However, some more unusual or rare metals, such as platinum, palladium, and certain alloys, may be more difficult to detect or require specialized equipment to do so.

What factors should I consider when choosing an underwater metal detector?

When choosing an underwater metal detector, there are a number of factors to consider, including the type of environment you will be using it in, the depth of the water, and the size and type of metal objects you will be detecting. Other important factors to consider include the detector’s sensitivity, battery life, and waterproofing capabilities.

Additionally, you should consider the size and weight of the detector, as well as any additional features such as GPS tracking or digital display. Finally, it’s important to research the brand and model you are considering, as well as read reviews and talk to other users, to ensure that you are getting a high-quality and reliable detector that meets your needs.

Can an underwater metal detector be used for treasure hunting?

Yes, underwater metal detectors can be used for treasure hunting, as they are designed to locate and identify valuable metal objects that may be hidden beneath the surface of the water. Treasure hunters often use specialized underwater metal detectors that are designed to maximize sensitivity and depth capabilities, allowing them to detect objects that may be hidden deeper in the water or more difficult to find.

However, it’s important to note that treasure hunting with underwater metal detectors can be a complex and time-consuming process, and requires a significant amount of knowledge, skill, and patience. It’s also important to be aware of any local laws or regulations that may govern the use of underwater metal detectors, especially when it comes to hunting for treasure.

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